Gucci debut Home Décor collection is here!

Would you spare $4,980 on a vase? If you are thinking what vase would cost that much then well, Gucci’s vase it is. Italian luxury brand Gucci which is known as a fashion powerhouse has ventured into lifestyle with its first-ever home décor collection consisting of trays, folding tables, coffee pot, plates, sugar bowl, candles, cushions, chairs, three panel screens and printed wallpapers.

Signature Gucci prints don’t leave this collection as well and have made there way onto the trays and cushions here. A quirky vibe is attached with the entire collection as you see the embroidered tiger, snake, dogs or bear on the cushions with vibrant florals in the backdrop. There’s nothing subtle here, every piece in this collection calls for attention wait till you skim through the entire collection, you’ll agree too. 3 panel screens with playful prints come at a whooping price of $22,000-$32,000! You can find tasseled cushions with animals embroidered on them for $1,150. Scented candles have quite a number of designs and varying prices according to theme with highest being of $790.

Indulge into the world of Gucci with there latest home decor collection and you might find something that goes with your quirky style. Have a look at a few pieces below.












*Disclaimer: Prices may differ according to countries. These prices are according to US. 

Checkout complete collection at Gucci’s e-store here.

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